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Jaye Anne’s Healing Stones

Elevate your spirit, neutralize negativity, & clear your heart.

Realign your energies with Jaye Anne’s healing stones. Mighty powerful, yet delicately soothing for our emotions, there’s a stone for everyone in this collection. Prepared with the utmost care and never touched by human hands, rest assured that these stones have absorbed no bad energies. They’re ready to transfer positive and empowering energies into your soul.


Clear Quartz

Sunstone brings the sunlight into your heart. This is the best stone for depression as it melts all the dark and frozen places in the heart chakra.

Clear quartz is the most classic and common of the healing stones. It's the "little black dress" of healing crystals-- versatile, high vibration, and LITERALLY, goes with everything!

Price: $6

Price: $10

Smoky Quartz

Raw Rose Quartz crystal

Smoky quartz is a wonderful stone for neutralizing negativity. It contains the high vibration of clear quartz and the grounding nature of darker stones.

Rose quartz is wonderful for heart chakra balancing and improving divine connections to others.

Price: $10

Price: $10

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