Soothe your rage with a journey towards self-love.

Your brighter, happier future starts with introspective healing.

Why choose Jaye Anne’s mission

Inner peace, tranquility, and self-love are the recipes for a happy life. It’s as simple as that. But, as awakening empaths, we know, that finding them is often anything but simple. We can feel panic, anger and rage. Jaye Anne Healing can directly address that.

Jaye Anne’s courses guide you on a journey of self-reflection to find your worth and soothe your anger. Clear your emotional pain and move forward and upward in life. You have no idea of what you’re capable of achieving.

Surrender to the unknown because it holds the key to unleashing a more powerful you.

Where my journey began & how I found my path

I believe it to be important to be completely transparent with my story. Some may resonate with it, and others might have lived through similar events. But what is my story, really? Life-changing!

There was once a time when being the woman who could “do it all” was my ultimate goal. I used to think science was the only correct answer; books were the law, and a universal truth would dictate my every day.

It all got too much

In 2011, I finished my second pregnancy in two years. I was emotionally and nutritionally destroyed. No drive, no motivation, and no adrenaline to make life happen. Life continued, dragging me along. I felt hopeless (and I use this as an understatement).

However, I was a mother, I had babies who needed me, dinners to cook, and a million other responsibilities. Let’s not forget the countless opinions I’d receive from well-meaning people on how to be a mother, how to do this, and how to do that. As unwanted & unasked as they were, they kept coming.

Finally, I surrendered.

Whether help found me or I found it (either way, I remain grateful), a weight was lifted from my soul. I found the strength to release old beliefs that would drag me down. This gave me the strength to fill my mind with new beliefs that brought me peace and, above all, self-love.

This new perspective on life led to big (but healthy) changes in life, for example, my diet. I took a new approach to food, forgot about “counting calories”, macros, micros, etc., and I’ve never felt better about food.

I lost 35lbs, and dropped 4 pant sizes, but that was beside the point.

Friends and family loved my new “look” and no longer saw me as “crazy”. But what they couldn’t see was the journey I had come on. I’d surrendered myself to the unknown, opened my mind to new beliefs, and changed my identity. This was my toughest lesson.

The years that followed were filled with magical discoveries. Both scientifically and literally.

2012: the year they said the world would end, my life really began.

I was introduced to energy work and learned the foundations behind this alternative medicine. I was fascinated with crystals, muscle testing, spiritual research, meditation, speaking ancient languages, and the effects that followed on brain function and so. Much. More.

After I had turned my life around thanks to this new self-work, I decided it was time for me to spread these teachings to others. Instantly, we noticed body changes, business dreams were reached & their relationships were stronger than ever.

Embark on this journey with me, let me help you discover the means to heal your energies. Let me help you the way I wish I had someone to help me 10 years ago. Your life-changing moment needn’t wait so long.


I continue to be a work in progress. We all are.
Let’s find your self-love and inner peace today.

Start my program today, tomorrow’s a brighter day.

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