Our benefits

Build stronger, more meaningful relationships

Find your self-love

Grow confidence & reflect it in your work

Eliminate negative energies that surround you

Lead a life full of stability, love & happiness.

Start your journey of self-healing with one of our courses

A 6-month Course 1:1 with Jaye Anne


Learn how to heal your own energies. No one should have to face the journey alone, but Jaye Anne will show you the how behind her teachings. Gain the knowledge and abilities to soothe your energies whenever you’re in need.



Life throws obstacles at us and sometimes we need a little help overcoming them. Identify where in life you need a boost and choose from one of our 6 courses. Finally, lift the weight off your shoulders. Together, we’ll help you find clarity, relief, and self-love.

Discover the power of our healing stones

Clear Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Raw Rose Quartz


Our most versatile healing stone. Its power will help to elevate your spirit and clear away negative energies heading your way.

Neutralize negative energy that approaches you. This is your pocket-sized healing aid.

Clear your heart and allow space for new experiences & connections to emerge.

Sunshine’s power has no limits. Melt away inner darkness and depressive energy. Let your light shine through!

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Self-healing should be a joyous journey toward inner peace.

To do good in the world and for others is only possible when you love and care for yourself. Don’t fight against yourself anymore. Surrender. Surrender yourself to the unknown.

Through time, patience and acceptance, you’ll begin to be rid of old beliefs and make room for new ones. These will aid you in achieving your goals and ultimately, find you true happiness. We’re all a work in progress, but it’s never too late to start your journey.

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